strictmachine_ (strictmachine_) wrote in kill_cathy,


Welcome to Kill_Cathy!

This is the place to discuss all things negative about Cathy Loukakis. Rant, whine, post pictures, tell stories, whatever you need to do. Because, unfortunately murder is illegal. (But I won't tell if you don't...)

As you should well know, Cathy is the most disgusting waste of space in existence. Here is where you can post your own evidence or opinion on why this statement is true.

If you are a Cathy-lover, please leave. If you try to start an LJ fight, you'll be immediately banned from the community. Well, I might let it go on for a while for entertainment, but then you'll be immediately banned.

And Cathy, dear, if you ever find this, I hope it makes you cry.

Have a lovely day!
-The Almighty
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